End of Summer Month

August 2018

After an eventful and memory-laden July, we’re into the last stretch of August which I have decided to christen End of Summer Month (the glass half-empty version of Back to School Month).  What better way to celebrate the end to the hot, endless days of summer than to read? Preferably on a blanket, spread out in a grassy field, with your favourite little people on the planet?

Anna, Ben and I have had some amazing finds over the summer which we will share with you in the upcoming weeks. Some to note for now: Libba: The Magnificent Musical Life of Elizabeth Cotten (a gorgeously illustrated non-fiction picture book about an American folk music legend), Akissi, Tales of Mischief (a hilarious comic/graphic novel about a delightfully mischievous Ivorian girl and her childhood adventures),  small things  (an exquisite wordless picture book about anxiety) and Be Prepared (a searingly honest graphic novel about a teenager desperate to find a place to belong by going to a Russian summer camp).

Wishing you all a happy End of Summer!

Maureen, Anna & Ben

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