Get Caught Reading Month

May 2019

A year ago, this blog was unveiled and we opened the libraries in our home and in our hearts to the world. A big THANK YOU to those of you who drop by to visit, who browse our collection of reads, and who help share our recommendations with other kindred spirits.

On this month, designated as the Get Caught Reading Month, we challenge you to not only get caught reading yourselves, but to look out for other readers as you go about your days and nights. Perhaps you will be inspired by their reads, and you can inspire them with yours.

That is our challenge this month, to capture an image each day of a reader in our city, Hong Kong, where a recent survey found that 1/3rd of people asked had not read a printed book in the last year. Regardless of the reasons, 365 days is a long time to go without feeling the heft of a book in your hands, without a sea of words floating before your eyes, without the whispered promises of the wonder of a fantasy, or the thrill of a mystery, or the comfort of a poem.  Will we find 31 readers in this city of 7.4 million inhabitants? Follow us on Twitter to find out!

We’ll end with a book-inspired challenge that also coincided with the recently concluded National Poetry Month. We created poems using only the spines of books and after quite a bit of time, we came up with this:

Beyond the bright sea
among the white moonfaces
the boundless
little women
the peculiars
the abominables
the 5 misfits
the lost thing
What happens next?


As always, happy reading!
Maureen, Anna & Ben

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