National Garden Month

April 2018

We are almost at the end of National Garden Month, and the lavender seeds that we pushed into the soil of the little planter box a few weeks ago have finally sprouted! Hurrah!

We don’t have any outside space, so we make do with our little garden in the sky.  That’s what we call the uncoordinated assortment of flower pots that line the 49th floor window ledge of our apartment building in Hong Kong.  We shower our oregano, basil, aloe vera, succulents and mother-in-law’s tongue with love, attention and water and we let the sunshine do the rest.

There are many garden-themed stories that we’ve discovered and enjoyed over the years, but the two picture books we’d recommend in celebration of National Garden Month are The Gardener , which tells the story of a girl who finds strength and solace in gardening, and Sophie’s Squash, which celebrates the unusual friendship between a child and her squash.

May your fingers be ever-green,
Maureen, Anna & Ben

Anna’s Little Violet some months ago.

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