The Giggler Treatment by Roddy Doyle

An interview with Ben, 31 October 2017

IMG_4610M: What is The Giggler Treatment about?
B: It is about a dog that delivers poo to the Gigglers. And about Mr Mack’s family who are trying to stop him from stepping into poo.

M: Ahh. Lots of poo then. Who are the Gigglers?
B: When the Gigglers see a grown up being mean to their child, they give them the Giggler Treatment. This is when Gigglers put poo where the grown ups are walking so that they step in the poo.

M: Hmmm. I think I can guess why you like this book. What was the most interesting part?
B: When the man said “Oh Mammy! I forgot me water wings!” It’s funny because most grown ups don’t wear water wings.

M: Do you have a favourite character?
B: Rover, because he is funny, and the Gigglers because their job is weird. Mr Mack’s job sounds really good though – testing cookies all day.

M: Any last thoughts about this book?
B: I haven’t tried cream crackers. I’d like to try them. 

M: How old do you have to be to read and enjoy this book?
B: [thinking pause] Umm. Five years old maybe. Or seven. Or thirteen.

M: Definitely early reader then. Thanks Ben!

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