The Bad Guys by Aaron Blabey

By Ben, 21 April 2018


“Aren’t you tired of being the VILLIAN? Aren’t you tired of the SCREAMS? Aren’t you tired of the FEAR?” – Big Bad Wolf

M: Hi Ben.
B: Hi Mommy.
M: Let’s talk about this book that you read to me.
B: Okay.


M: What’s The Bad Guys about?
B: It’s about 4 bad guys who want to be good guys.
M: Why do they want to be good guys?
B: Because they don’t want to be arrested.
M: Who do you like the most in the book and why?
B: I like the piranha. He doesn’t have a name, so he’s just Mr. Piranha. I like him because he’s funny.
M: Which do you think is the funniest scene in the book?
B: Mr. Snake’s rap sheet is the funniest scene in the book because it talks about when Mr Snake broke into Mr. Ho’s pet store and ate all the pets – canaries, guinea pigs and mice – and the police dog and he also tried to eat Mr. Ho, the policeman and the doctor.
M: Is there any violence in the book?
B: Not really.
M: Phew, that’s good to know. If you could be any character in the book, who would you want to be?
B: Mr. Snake. If he needs to get into a locked room, he can just slither under the door. He doesn’t do that in the book, but he could do that, I think.
M: Most books have a lesson to teach. What is the lesson in this book?
B: This books teaches you to be good, and not bad.
M: How old do kids have to be to read this book, d’you reckon?
B: Maybe 5 and up. But there are some hard words, like “status.” I didn’t know what that meant, but I know now. It’s like “what’s happening” or something like that.
B: Can I have a snack now?
M: Sure. Thanks Ben.



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