The Boy in the Dress by David Walliams

By Ben, 27 July 2018

IMG_6358B: Are you going to write about The Boy in the Dress on the blog?
M: Do you think it’s bloggable?
B: Yeah, it’s good.
M: Ok then. It was fun reading this together, wasn’t it? Actually, I read this with your sister four years ago, and it was pretty good then too.
B: So you’ve read this two times now? You must really like it.

M: Well then, what’s this book about?
B: A boy who likes wearing dresses. When he wears dresses, he feels like a different person, better.
M: What happens in the story?
B: His mum and dad are divorced and the boy is sad about that. He goes to school, dressed like a girl, with make-up on. He gets found out and then expelled. That means he can’t play in the school football finals.
M: We won’t tell people what happens in the end ok?
B: Ok.
M: What is your favourite scene in the book?
B: Oh, it’s at the end though, so I can’t tell you…
M: Alright then, who was your favourite character in the book? Who is the person who is the most interesting to you?
B: Dennis, the main boy, because he does most of the actions. His dad isn’t really in the story, he’s just there in the house drinking beer and eating. Raj the shopkeeper isn’t in the story much either because Dennis doesn’t go to his shop often but he has a funny accent …
M: But the accent is me, no?
B: (nods).
M: Who else is there that you remember from the story?
B: Lisa, the girl in Dennis’ school who is two years older than him. She tries to make Dennis wear a dress to school.
M: Do you think Dennis is like you?
B: Yes, because he likes playing football. He’s also kind, but he’s sad that nobody hugs him anymore.
M: Should other kids read this book? And their parents?
B: Yes, because it is really interesting and because there is a happy ending when…
M: We’re not supposed to give away the ending!
B: Oh yeah.
M: Do you think it’s weird for a boy to wear a dress?
B: No.
M: Did reading this book make you want to wear a dress?
B: No.
M: What did the book make you want to do?
B: Play football.

For ages 8 and up.

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