New Year Resolutions

January 2021

Call me old-fashioned, or a die-hard optimist, or a dreamer, but I believe in new year resolutions. The end of a year, the beginning of a new one, the stick-drawn line in the sand, the restart button, the brand new Hobonichi Techo, the newly inked pen, the endless possibilities, the hope, always, the hope.

So we begin 2021 with a resolve to write and share more regularly the book reviews of the more books that we will read. My own personal resolution, as I press ahead on my journey to become a writer, is to write and to publish, to finally earn that “writer” title for myself and to make stories that will stay with us, and with many others.

May 2021 herald new beginnings and brilliant hopes for all of you!

Anna, Ben & Maureen

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